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There are some things I read that register immediately in my spirit; this response is toward one of them. The Holy Spirit seems to flood over me at times like this, not only in recognition of a kindred spirit, but of the power and majesty of the Holy God.

I will be honest with you. With out knowing what you had to say I almost dreaded seeing any replies. Most who have made contacts with me on earlier posts no longer do so. One fellow went on a strange attack.

Do I fear them? No. Can they cause me some form of depression? Yes. I have to shake that stuff off.

What the rebuffs and rejections do to me, is to make me more determined. I wish I wrote more intelligibly and could get these words, I feel are of the Holy Spirit, directly to those that need to hear it.
You know most will reject it.

5/14/12 - I went to Monday morning bible study with a group of guys I met at the coffee shop. Quite the mix they are. Only one of the Catholic brothers was there and he was asking for a definition of who Jesus is, because, and I am guessing, the Mormons came to his door and told him they believe in Jesus too. Within minutes that migrated into his own unbelief and misconceptions about the trinity.

The "leader" (Yes, you detected a little disdain.) is much more skillful at confronting cults, so he answering most of the questions.

At this point in walks our occasional visit from the Doctor of Philosophy. Educated, black, and angry, he will turn a 30 second answer into an hour long diatribe about slavery, racism and prejudice, no matter what the topic. The worst part is I have no idea where he stands in his relationship to Jesus Christ. He said things the other day that made him sound like Oprah Winfrey. God is in everything and everyone. There is no need to seek his face, for all men are created in his image. He made me want to throw up, and worst is his lack of desire to hear anything to the contrary.

Here is what scares me about this. I suspect that we are talking about two out of three "Christians" believe this tripe.

I came home and one of my sisters had just pulled up to the house. I told her straight out that I had just been in the presence of demons. (Why would I say that? Read Mark 1:23-24 ) I told my sister about what had just happened, adding, really, all I want to do is to talk about the greatness of my God. Now that often leads me into so many other aspects, but I never hear this out of the Dr.

I do not know how we got there but she, who used to be solid in the word and faith, is now telling me that there is no hell outside of some uncomfortable separation from God, and even then you can see him in the distance. She referenced the beggar Lazarus being comforted, and the "former" rich man in torment but capable of seeing all this from a relatively short distance, therefore a loving God would not torment his own creation by putting them into an eternal tormented hell, completely separate from God.

I tried to reason with her, but my memory is failing me and I do not tend to remember precise scriptures like I used to. God is not putting anyone in hell. They are merely following the one they love to his destination.

I fear for her now as well. Not so much over the possibility that they have rejected Christ and won't make the rapture, but what if they do have to endure the time of Jacob's trouble? When I try to bring them up to speed on current events that are and will affect them, she tells me I am scaring her, and did not God tells us to only think on the good things.

When people say things, like she did, they demonstrate their lack of knowledge and understanding of who God is.

I have found him to be more merciful than anyone could ever have imagined. I have only found these things out by reading them for myself and asking questions. So for me to hear such narrow minded, responses that lack insight and logic, I then keenly aware that the respondent does not read for themselves.

- God demonstrated his great mercy by offering up his son for a world that did not deserve it; a world that  certainly could not have paid the price for their own salvation.

- He extends mercy through the age of grace, toward all who will come.

- He extends mercy throughout the time of Jacob's trouble through "endurance", to all who will call upon his name. As a side note on this aspect. There will be an outpouring of Holy Spirit and revival throughout the time of Jacob's trouble (the tribulation period). I know this because Peter restated it on the day of Pentecost when he quoted from Joel Chapter 2. Joel chapter 2 is a chapter about the time of judgment, Jacob's troubles. The Holy Spirit has already begun to fall as he is empowering people like myself to declare with mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord over everything, and we are responding with our hands as we reach out and touch people with healing and life.

- And, even at the white throne judgment, after the 1000 years are over, he extends his mercy by basing his acceptance based upon what seems like good deeds. I believe that doing these good deeds these people are demonstrating the character of God.

You probably aware, that during this time of the white throne judgment, there are those, that although they are screaming at God about what they did in his name (Islam believes that Allah is his name.), they are not shown mercy because of their lack of good deeds.

How could anyone dare call God unfair and unmerciful. Hell has torment, Jesus told us so in Matthew 5:22. Satan will be thrown into a lake of fire to be tormented forever. Only those that follow him, their leader, will be thrown in there with him.

I said it all to say, that if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, and believe that he empowers us to move mountains, then I am honored to have a warrior and a watchman, stand in battle with me.

I believe that he is coming quickly. We are not in the darkness that we cannot ascertain that his approach is near.

If you did not see my recommendation, then get a copy of the book "The Harbinger" by Joel Cahn.

We are that close. The prophecy was declared over 2000 years ago, and every aspect has come to pass as this nation has followed the same destructive path that Israel did, all those years ago.

I personally believe that our President's statement recently about homosexual marriages sealed our fate as a nation. The time of repentance is over for this nation and judgment will come quickly.

All that is left is for us to pray that God invades the hearts and minds of those that will follow him. I, personally, do not want anyone to have to go through what is to come, nor hell.

I have been called to be a watchman upon the wall, and this is one of my trumpets. Join me as we cry out, "the sword of the Lord, and of Gideon."

The servant of the Most High God

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solid food vs baby food


Your heart is on your sleeve and we see and hear your pain. Be encouraged, I too deal with one who has lost their way. That is why Heb 5:14 is one of the answers I see: "But solid food is for the mature, whose perceptions are trained by practice to discern both good and evil." When we are not IN the Word and not being bathed BY the Word how can we know and discern when the enemy knocks and leaves his calling card? I see that in mega doses today all around me ...and you are facing it in this so called Bible Study and now with one you care so much about. 

Hang in there, keep looking, keep searching, keep close to God ...let the bitter ones alone but there is a verse for your sis: remeber the counsel of Jude:

1:22 And have mercy on those who waver; 1:23 save others by snatching them out of the fire

May God bless you in your walk...seeking to honor Him above all else

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I have made comments over the course of several weeks and none of them can be seen by me, possibly by those I made comment to. Am I being disapproved?


Osmer Harris

Wounded but still in the battle.

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Hangin in there.

Thanks Sonshine,

I love getting feedback, especially when it is encouraging.

God bless


Osmer Harris

Wounded but still in the battle.